My inconspicuous escape.

Why did I create this blog? Let me count the ways.

  1. To decipher and understand the complexities of the life I live. Through this blog, I opt to express my realizations, my sentiments, my thoughts–basically everything that boggles and preoccupies my mind.
  2. To channel emotions. My life is peppered with joys, pains, angers, and other emotions as such. Some people, though, would respond with mere indifference as I tell them my tales. Some would laugh. Some would judge. So, to vent out every emotion there is, I would write.
  3. To escape, to run away from life’s thorns and inconsistencies, from reality’s cruelties. When I write, I exist in a dimension only I know of–in a world with meadows of sunflowers and butterflies, with skies of colorful rainbows and never-gray clouds, with mere bliss and love. Writing, more than anything, brings me to a world where I feel infinite.
  4. As others would breathe air, I would write. I write, in order to live. I live to write. 

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